My first Sci-Fi Story

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My first Sci-Fi Story Empty My first Sci-Fi Story

Post  Max on Tue Jun 12, 2012 9:31 pm

Jacob rubbed the sweat from his face. The droplets seemed to cover all of his tan face. Jacob knew it was because he was wearing a black hoodie and dark blue jeans. He continued walking down the valley with his back pack filled with messages he had to deliver. The 14 year old boy was tired from all the labor he had to do. His deep brown chocolate eyes stared into a once flourishing green valley which was now covered with the rubble of fallen star ships. Jacob was one of the many children born after the first known Galactic War between Earth and savage beasts from a quickly dying star. After 32 years of non stop blood shed in space, Earth was able to destroy the attackers and restore order. However all the fighting brought Earth to even a worse state than it was already in. Large galactic star ships had fallen through the atmosphere, damaging it even more. Heat rose and eventually it was and still is not bearable to live in most places. With there future technology, they were able to expand the Earth thus forming new land that could be inhabited. With mass chaos about, people turned to simpler ways of life. Lionel was given a job of messenger and this is what he was doing at the current moment. Delivering mail. Jacob, being bored and mischievous, opened some of the mail. The first letter he picked up was to be delivered to the mayor of a small colony called Bears Ville. It was something about a trading opportunity. The rest were families talking to each other. However inside was an odd looking letter, it was enveloped in golden casing and was written in a foreign language. The paper it was on was glowing green and it left a gooey residue on his hand. Very confused by the letter, he lightly slipped it into its golden casing. Finally he reached Bears Ville where both letters he had looked at were supposed to be delivered to. Night had begun to fall and he got in town. Not wanting to have to walk the distance, Jacob spotted a skateboard that was left outside. No one was looking so he grabbed it, carried it around a turn and started skating.


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